David Kerr – Saffron Walden, Essex
“I got to know cooking in Switzerland, where I rapidly became convinced its excellence. On my return to the US I was delighted and I couldn’t wait to equip my new kitchen with these old friends. My only problem is to keep them out of the hands of my daughter, also a keen cook, who has severe “pan envy.”Sarah 
Andy & I decided to move from gas to induction cooking which involved upgrading our cookware.  We wanted to buy a range of cookware that would provide lasting non-stick; and we can honestly say that nothing has stuck yet on the biotan coating of our Gastrolux pots and pans – they are extremely good quality and very easy to clean; food residue slides off effortlessly.  The ability to use the products in the oven and the option to buy many of the items with removable handles makes the range very versatile; I love creating a wholesome beef stew or a Chicken Cacciatore on the stove and then transferring it to the oven to cook for three hours.  We also chose Gastrolux as we wanted something that looked great – we are cooking in an open plan kitchen where guests can watch us cooking; not only do the pans look good on the hob, we can easily take them to the dinner table and serve straight from them!  We are extremely happy with our investment, and would easily recommend the Gastrolux range.

Nick Bartolucci 
“We’ve had our pan and it has been excellent. Even after  constant use the non-stick coating is in perfect condition and the pan still looks like new, even the customer service was fantastic. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an exceptionally good quality pan that lasts a lifetime.”Reviewer:Dr Maya Spencer

After researching the safest pans to use from the point of view of toxic materials being added to food during cooking. I have been delighted with my set and use them daily. This pan has given stalwart service, been very easy to clean (even of things like porridge, scrambled egg) and still looks like new. I recommend  to all my friends.”

Reviewer: Phil Jenkins

“The quality is excellent , use the non-stick coating is still solid and very non-stick. The pan is quite heavy but this is an advantage when cooking sauces as they can gently simmer away for hours. A slow risotto cooks beautifully and straight-forward frying is a doddle! An excellent product!”

Reviewer: Beth Heath 

I have been very impressed by the quality of the non-stick; it’s like no other pan I have used. The thick base heats evenly and holds temperature well, which in turn means that we can control the heat far easier, especially when induction cooking. The removable handle is a great idea for stove to oven cooking and cooking omelettes are a joy, with literally no added fat needed.

Reviewer: Renee Bassage 
I Love It!!

Reviewer: Robin Jackson 

I have been overjoyed with it’s ease of use and efficiency, and the detachable handle make storage so simple. I can cook without fat or oil and nothing sticks to it, even if overcooked. A quick swish with soapy water and rinse under the tap and it’s as clean as a whistle. It performs exactly as I understood it would. First class.

Reviewer: Louise Farmer 

I recommend anyone even thinking of having an induction hob in the future, to buy the induction base pans now, as you can use them on a conventional hob for now and still use them on an induction hob in the future. Well worth the extra investment. A great set of cookware.